Aerial Narrative
Aerial Narrative EP (2015)
Here to join the party as the band’s 3rd independent EP release is Aerial Narrative. This album takes flight over some uncharted waters while rounding out its descent upon IM's familiar landscape of electrical grittiness, thundering rhythms and uncontested echoes. All songs were produced and mixed by Matt Pakucko (Def Leppard, Rage Against the Machine, Goo Goo Dolls) at Romper Room Recording in LA.

1. Wide Angle Lens Lyrics
2. Out With a Name Lyrics
3. Homecoming Lyrics
4. What I Red Lyrics
5. Q&A Lyrics
6. Next to Special Lyrics
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No Invite
No Invite (Single) (2013)
As the second single from the Stage Red Recording Project, ‘No Invite’ comes out swinging, delivering an urgent pulse amidst echoing guitar leads and driving basslines. It succeeds in capturing both the rough yet refined soundscape of Impressive Mess.

Hollow Gold
Hollow Gold (Single) (2013)
Impressive Mess continues their 90's rock inspired sound with single 'Hollow Gold'. This is the first of two singles to be released from the Stage Red Recording Project that took place in the fall of 2012. This track also features former drummer and Swedish native, Tom Asvold, who has since returned home to pursue his own brand of music.

City Boar
City Boar EP (2011)
In the fall of 2011, IM teamed up with producer, Philip Rohr, to record this five song collection of americana and acoustic-based tunes. The latest effort here reflects that of a laid back singer/songwriter vibe with topics ranging from the introspective to the political. Much more time was spent in the studio working out the lush arrangements giving this sophomore release a heightened level of production and polish.

1. Vintage Class Lyrics
2. A View Inside Lyrics
3. Remember This Wall Lyrics
4. Where It Stands Lyrics
5. Separate Acts Lyrics
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Figurines EP (2009)
This debut release features four tracks of dirty guitars and fat-bottom growl recorded at the elusive Studio Slick in Hollywood. From the opening track of “Cosmic CEO” to the final chorus breakdown of “When it’s Done”, this grunge-infused EP displays a wide range of the personal, poignant, and eccentric lyrical themes.

1. Cosmic CEO Lyrics
2. Sympathetic Sway Lyrics
3. Doc's Day Out Lyrics
4. When It's Done Lyrics
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